Youtube as Interactive Media

I’ve just discovered a new feature of Youtube that allows one to annotate videos with speech bubbles, notes, and “spotlights” (or links to other Youtube videos).  This has the potential to turn Youtube videos in to an interactive media format that can allow for narratives with choice and branching stories.  The notes and speech bubbles also make the video window look very similar to a pane in a comic book.  It will allow for another layer of meaning to be added to a video, as well as the insertion of text into video–always possible but a “track” that rarely gets used.  There is much potential in these new tools, and there should be some interesting artistic applications and experiments to emerge.


2 Responses to Youtube as Interactive Media

  1. matthew says:

    Can viewers post to other people’s videos? It sounds kind of funny, and “pop-up video-ish.” It also reminds me of, where he draws vulgar things on the faces of celebrities.

  2. I don’t think you can do it on the videos of others, Matthew… It’s a way of linking videos together–I don’t think they pop-up. I’m glad you saw this, because I’ve been meaning to mention it to you as a potential avenue of development.

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