Ulmer’s response

Here’s Ulmer’s response to my reading of his allegory, from the Invent-L list:

> So did this ice cream story come from the ka-ching database of early childhood experience?!

This anecdote did not make it onto my shortlist of childhood markers. Those are

1. Learning how to open a door (my Invent lecture)
2. Two schmoos in backyard
3. Hearing someone yelling “help” in winter (wrote about this in Internet Invention, p 198). anyway, you are the perfect respondent for this thread, having cut your teeth on Spenser. Faerie Queene orders strawberry in a cup! Great reading. You got it. Next installment on the way (oblio). (invent-l list, 10 June 2007)

He refers to my dissertation work with him, which studied Spenser as one negotiating the transition to print culture after the advent of the printing press as analogous to our moment of transition from literacy to electracy.


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