The Quick Brown Fox and the Lazy Dog

These will be the allegorical figures that will populate my philosophy. I’m not sure that they will reach the status of “conceptual persona” that Deleuze and Guattari call for in the creation of philosophical concepts, but they will allow me to do something different with the form and style of the writing, so that it’s not a straightforward and conventional writing.

The Quick Brown Fox, as you may remember from learning how to type, jumped over the Lazy Dog’s back. But then what happens? That’s the question I want to ask, and attempt to answer.

The sentence incorporates every letter of the roman alphabet. It invokes alphabetic literacy at the same time that it suggests a going forward, a becoming-electrate: the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog’s back. The dog is slow. The fox achieves speed, races forward, is going on. The dog wants to slow things down, the way scientists and mathematicians minimize dimensional complexity in order to comprehend, to grasp, the nature of reality. The fox turns the point into a line by dashing forth: what you see is a blur, the fourth dimension manifest.


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