Brainstorming about Dust

I did a little bit of brainstorming about dust (earth + air). I wish I had Inspiration (the program) to experiment with. I used the common composition technique of “clustering.” First thing I thought of was the phrase “ashes to ashes, dust to dust” and associated with death and materiality and the biblical. I then remembered reading about dust as being composed in part of dead flakes of skin. Skin yields many interesting possibilities: boundaries, distinctions. Also flaking… Dust as a residue of a broken boundary. I could do a database search on “dust” and compose with what comes up: writing with the internet.

The goal is to explore each association as if it were a new world… I’ll have to get that book titled Dust.

How to think like dust: becoming-dust–light, floaty, yet when it accumulates/gathers/clings, it can destroy computers: it generates heat on the inside of the computers, destroys cooling fans. Does dust behave like Deleuze’s concept of the molecular? Investigate.


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